Website Disclamer and Data Protection

General Information

You can register and upload live images of your webcams to website (hereinafter referred to as HolidayLiveCam or HLC), which collects webcams from all around the world. Consequently, the HLC website, its operator and its owner are not legally responsible for any stream, real time and live images of the registered webcams. In addition to the uploaded webcams, the HLC website provides advertisement, accommodation searching and booking, airfare reservation and car rental options.

Webcam information

Images of small-sized webcams show a snapshot captured by the webcam, therefore these are not live images. The booking of accommodations based on such pictures can not guarantee that the exact image of the webcam will be presented on the selected location. The HLC owner is not liable in connection with such causes. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

Accommodation bookings

Accommodation booking is available below the webcam’s image on the HLC page. offers accommodations at the surrounding area of the webcams by clicking to their website, therefore any consequences, claims and complains against must be submitted to their website and the HLC owner is not liable for any legal issues regarding such causes. The HLC website’s owner and operator do not take any responsibilities for any other accommodation searchings, booking deals and advertisements together with any other direct and indirect inconveniences, material and non-material damages, which all above are accepted by the registration of the Users without any additional terms.

Webcam registration and images

Because of the operator has no influence on the registrations of webcams on the site, the HCL owner and operator are neither legally nor financially responsible for the GPS position of the registered webcams, the data, the descriptions and other details provided by the webcams. There is no financial and legal liability assumed for the website operator for the authenticity of the webcams, the description of the webcams, the credibility of the detailed data of the webcams and its content. Assigning webcams to categories is not a guarantee that the webcam actually belongs to the designated category. The registered User is responsible for the real content of the assignment; the HLC operator has no any legal responsibilities.

The right to check and delete images

The website operator has the right to check and censor the uploaded images (.jpg), live and stream images, to permit, reject and remove inappropriate contents at his own discretion depending on his individual decision. All Users can give feedback about inappropriate contents. In such cases, the owner of the webcam and the HLC operator automatically receive an e-mail notification. If the operator considers at his sole discretion that the webcam infringe other Users, he reserves the right to immediately remove the webcam.

Weather forecast

The weather forecasts are made by third parties and not by the HLC operator. Weather forecasts of other websites are presented on HLC website, therefore the HLC operator is not responsible for the probability of the weather forecast and its possible occurrence.


The HLC website does not assume any legal or material liabilities for links and sources copied from other websites and their authenticity and validity. As for privacy and data protection, email addresses given during the registration are treated confidentially and are not disclosed to third parties.

You are not allowed to copy and distribute the content of the HolidayLiveCam website to any other websites.

By agreeing to terms and conditions, registered Users agree that the uploaded images (.jpg) and snapshots from the webcams with marking sources can be used in third party newsletters, promotions and distributed in social networks.